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Recent Winners:

  • Tomal (Blue 67)
  • Tomal (Green 67)
  • a fishstick (Red 67)
  • Keu (Blue 66)
  • Amanda (Green 66)
  • Tomal (Red 66)
  • Tomal (Blue 65)
  • Plague Monkey (Green 65)
  • 3dham.com (Red 65)
  • Amanda (Blue 64)
  • 3dham.com (Green 64)
  • Amanda (Red 64)

Nuklear LORD is
brought to you by:

  • falknhayn $50
  • mrtee $25
  • Manex $30
  • Condor $60
  • Tom $5
  • anonymous $25
  • Malice $20
  • Luna $20
  • maverick1978 $15
  • monkeybot $30
  • Gabby $25
  • Team Valkerjar $50
  • Ram $25
  • LadyLord $30
  • General Grievous $100
  • Slugga Jones $50
  • Dr. Rockenstein $20
  • Sarah F $25
  • James W $50
  • Sweets $10
  • Darren C $20
  • Rachel W $20
  • Randy J $58
  • Paige $15
  • Leonidas $25
  • Michael R $25
  • TheKid $10
  • Phil W $20
  • Stefanie B $25
  • Wendy B $20
  • Roland B $52
  • Mischief T. Maker $20
  • (DK)Orion $75
  • Phil D $20
  • Robert B $20
  • D Songblade $50
  • David G $25
  • vRaw $20
  • tikel $20
  • Jessrond $25
  • injektilo* $150
  • Darren D $20
  • Robert W $50
  • Wayne C $20
  • Christopher S $20
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does a new day begin?

A new game begins at midnight, Nuklear Time. Nuklear time is set to the Eastern (EST) time zone of the USA.

Who is FrostFire? Why is he on the webpage, but not really in the game?

FrostFire is the player name of a man named Chris Long. Chris was one of our best players, who unfortunately passed away in in the early days of Nuklear LORD. He remains on the page as a memorial, kind of a tribute to him and his days of happily stomping on the rest of us and staying at the top of the player list. There aren't many people around (and especially on the net) who were as universally liked as Chris.

Why is there a player with 2 experience points, and a weird weapon? It's unkillable!

This is not a real human player. Its purpose is to log in to LORD every day at midnight in order to perform Midnight Maintenance. In LORD, a new day begins whenever the first player after midnight logs into the game. Because LORD was not designed for massive online play, it can sometimes start multiple new days if multiple people log in at the same time after midnight. The name of the midnight maintenance bot always starts with "Midnight".

Why did the daily news disappear?

That, unfortunately, is a side effect of multiple LORD games putting data in the same file at the same time. It's a bug in the system that would be difficult to work around.

I can't remember my password! Can you change it?

You can have it emailed to you via the Forum's login page. Just click "I forgot my password". You can also send an email and hopefully we can get to it within a day or two.

The game ended. When does the next round begin?

A new round begins after all realms have finished which is usually a few days the last realm ends.

What makes the Red Realm harder?

While all realms play exactly the same, we enforce different rules for each. The rules of the Red Realm are meant to encourage heavier competition. An example are rules encouraging online duels, which make lower level players especially vulnerable. Inexperienced players may have trouble advancing past the lower levels in the Red Realm. Also, as the Red Realm is the designated "heavy competition" realm, the more experienced players will choose to play there.

LORD tells me the realm is full. How do I get in?

Each LORD game has a limit of 148 players; this is hard coded into the game itself and we can't change it. Players who have not been been active in 7 days will be automatically deleted during Midnight Maintenance. Directly after Midnight Maintenance (at midnight, 00:00:00 Nuklear time) is the best time to try creating a new character.

The game says I get 1 skill use per 4 skill points. Why don't I have this many skill uses?

This is a bug in LORD. At the start of a new day, the game sets your skill uses to (Points/5), plus a bonus death knight or thief skill depending on your class. However, when you reach a skill point divisible by 4 on a given day, it will give you a bonus skill point immediately. Please note that Mystical Skills are calculated differently.

How are the Cumulative Stats Sorted?

OverLord Ranking is sorted by Wins, Average Dragon Kills, Average Player Kills and is only for people with three or more games in the realm. Amadeus Ranking is sorted by Wins, Dragon Kills, Player Kills and it ranks everyone.

Why is Camping a rule?

One thing that was noticed early in the history of Nuklear LORD was that players that amass beefy weaons and tons of exp often will disrupt the pace of the game. They will often kill many players in self defense, making it difficult for exp to be obtained and allowing for the people who do gain exp to increase their lead greatly. They also tend to provide very high exp to one person who is lucky enough to manage to kill them. This is rather unbalancing in a game where everyone is supposed to be competing to level us fast and kill the red dragon. Since we aim to have a competitive game, we made it a rule in two of our realms. Note that it is about the combination of exp, equipment, and level. Since going to level 10 and 11 generally slows down a player, it is perfectly acceptable to gain exp to skip those levels. Camping is meant to streamline the exp curve of the realm.