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ASCii art at request

Postby tatu-o on Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:36 pm

If you want some ASCII or ANSI (80x50 max size) graphics, i draw on request just for fun! If you want some logo or picture for whatever purpose, just ask, i very rarely say no! I'm at the moment gathering new material to new collection release so in fact i need requests :) I've been "out ot business" for almost 18 years now, and started again recently. Many different ascii text styles, they're my speciality. I also enjoy drawing ascii old-school pictures and even ANSI. Ansi takes little more time but will do if requested. Collection i mentioned is for ascii only, so if you think if ansi or ascii is better, choose ascii! :)

I provide ascii logos in pure .txt format and also in ANSI colours (you can tell me what colors you want) or PCBoard @X00-codes. I use PCBedit for drawing in DOSBox full-screen real text-mode 80x25.

I posted some of my work (screenshots) to this forum in other place, check it out if intersted:

You can contact me via e-mail:

C ya!
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